The following report seeks to provide information on the 21st edition of Iran health exhibition which took place from June 19th to June 22nd at Tehran International permanent Fairground, Tehran, Iran. This report is based on the meetings and discussions with actual and potential representatives, users and other visitors provided by Ms. Mahmonir mirabdollah, Rossmax sales and marketing director.


Exclusive agencies


Representatives of Tehran, Khorasan Razavi, Yazd, Hormozgan, Kerman, Hamedan, Boushehr, Mazandaran, Gilan, Azarbayjan gharbi, Alborz, Lorestan, Ghom, Azarbayjan sharghi, Isfahan. Kohkilooyeh va bouyer ahmad attended the fair and the following issued are negotiated with the mentioned agencies:

  • Semi- annual performance evaluation, Sales and marketing of Rossmax products situation, reviewing their standpoints as well as their performance & RTS expectations announcement.
  • Offering Proper solutions and marketing suggestions around the agencies weak points.
  • Thorough introduction of Rossmax brand and company in Switzerland
  • Emphasis on Rossmax strong guarantee and warranty.
  • Making Rossmax and other brand’s products comparison, showing scientific & technical advantages along with full scientific & technical information deliverance.
  • Giving tutorial over PAAR &other technologies.
  • Guiding over the products presentation methods.
  • Setting Dr. and pharmacy visiting target market and planning visiting schedule.
  • Stating RTS marketing vision regarding each state.


Clients from the states with exclusive agencies


There, negotiations were made with the clients from provinces which already have Rossmax exclusive agency around.

  • Thorough presentation of Rossmax brand, products, Switzerland originality of the company, certifications, warranty and guaranty.
  • Introducing and providing the contact information of the mean province agency and encouraging the clients to have their purchase there.
  • Giving Rossmax chocolate gifts and catalogs.
  • Guiding and explanation around branding, advertising, presentation and marketing of the products.
  • Having survey over the agencies performance in different provinces and reporting the result to the regarding agencies.
  • Explaining about the free BPM stands, Rossmax Shelves and light boards and clearing the surrendering conditions based on their purchase amount.
  • Submitting customers list to the agencies.


Clients from the states with no exclusive agency

There were official negotiations with 70 people from other provinces presenting Rossmax brand and all needed information to be pointed; quality, certificates, history, company originality, aftersales services etc. as well as precise negotiation toward terms and conditions of contracting, which many of them have announced their readiness and eagerness toward getting representation. The representation applications are being studied over validity and reliability and in case of verification our team will go to the intended province to have a visit and come to the final decision over granting agency.



People satisfaction about the quality, team manner and it's commitment in addition to it's endeavor over marketing and advertisement in the recent year is eventuated into gaining credit and trust of people along with good position for the brand in the market. Considering current economic atmosphere which has affected the market we guess in this exhibition we could meet our overall goals and made effective use of the situation and got a good feedback which with the upcoming follow ups will be made into good results.



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