About us.

Who we are?

Rahyan Teb Saba (RTS) Corporation was established in 2006 and has become a professional company providing diverse products ranging from hospital equipment to home health care products and medical laboratory equipment. RTS is active in distribution and sales of medical and laboratory products with purpose of improving health quality.

How did we get here?

We pioneer in recruiting experienced managers and qualified experts along with utilizing financial resources and the latest methods in commerce for importing and exporting medical and laboratory equipment in various ranges. Our activities are based upon offering various products with global quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction. In order to do so, we have been able to cover the whole country with our services and developing distributor networks in different provinces through our agencies.

  • Bidarifard Clearance and Consulting Co. is our sister company that is owned and established by Hassan Bidarifard, who is RTS’s main shareholder. They have been providing excellent services to more than 600 customers in 25 years of operational activity including all the market leaders of medical equipment importers in Iran.
  • RTS also has a company in Dubai under the name of “Island Sun Gen. Trading” for some international sales and import.
  • RTS has been always supporting outstanding well-educated job seekers, as many of our staff are graduates from Amirkabir University of technology (Tehran Polytechnic), the best university in the field of biomedical engineering in Iran. We have always tried to strengthen our bonds with scholarly intellectuals and benefitted from consulting many science committees of Amirkabir University.